White Lable Solution


Today, travel companies are ever more tech-savvy; which only connotes the need for travel technology providers. Companies need access to critical, time-sensitive and superior information at all time. TripBorn has designed the TripWhite for travel companies realizing that travel distributors operate in an extremely dynamic and competitive industry. The most successful travel distributors run on highly agile platforms that are able to grow and adapt to the changing needs of the industry. TripWhite keeps travel companies ahead of its competitors and synchronizes with the changing needs and dynamics.

The tailor made online solution for travel companies planning to expand their business contours presents the privilege to use TripBorn’s private label services. TripWhite is a white label solution which gives access to the largest inventory of airfares from 700+ airlines across the globe in addition to Low Cost Carriers. TripWhite enables travel companies to manage their staff and registered sub-agents more efficiently through single platform. TripWhite powers agents to search, block, order e-tickets and print invoices on behalf of their sub-agents & manage mark-up on sub-agents’ tickets. Allocation of a separate account to each sub-agent, promotes payment transparency between agent & sub-agent. The platform allows agents to access booking queue, ticket order queue & ticketed order queue. It provides a view of the itineraries of all the sub-agents with a provision to filter sub-agent specific itineraries based on various parameters.


  • Single platform enables sourcing of most economical tickets thereby reducing the time required for searching competitive airfares
  • Enables your organizations to source lowest airfares from 600+ airlines across the globe in addition to Low Cost Airlines on single platform
  • Hold PNR on time, mitigates the possible loss associated with uncertain PNR status
  • Saves upto 25% to 40% on tickets including market specific public & private airfares
  • Round the clock ticketing capability from 600+ airlines across the globe countries
  • Increases reach to new partners & customers
  • Enables transaction in local currency, thereby mitigating the risk due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates
  • Adaptable on any platform with a pre-defined itinerary
  • Ease of payment through multiple payment options for booking (Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque payments, Payment Cards and Vouchers)
  • Personalized 24/7 support for 365 days for rescheduling, cancellations and other requests enhance the service quality
  • Customized branding on e-tickets
  • Automated Accounting and Reconciliations System


Corporate Travel Companies: Corporates fulfil offline requests using itsprivate label solution. They improve their revenues and market share by expanding their service offerings and save up to 40% savings on market specific public and private air fares. With an access to lowest airfares from 600+ airlines across the globe, it also shows baggage and fare rules to the users including the ability to hold seats within a specified time limit.

Travel Agents or Sub-Agents: Online travel agents use Private label solution to process offline requests to improve their conversion rates and cater to a large global audience. It enhances profit and market shares through access to most economical airfares from 600+ airlines across the globe countries. Agents enjoy upto 40% savings on market specific public, private and published airfares on their website using this white label solution. It helps them to publish all variants of airfares originating from any part of the world. It facilitates amending reservations prior to ticket issuance and shows baggage and fare rules to the users including the ability to hold seats within a specified time limit.

Operators : Tour Operators often face challenges in accessing bulk local airfares in another country. Offline tour operators reap unmatched revenue with increased profit margin by sourcing competitive airfares from 600+ airlines across the globe and save upto 40% on tickets..