Actionable Data

TripbornCorporate Travel’s technology suite, provides real-time travel intelligence and on-demand global reporting that gives businesses the tools to increase travel policy compliance and uncover savings and quickly access information to manage your travel and expense programs

Tripborn delivers multiple standard reports which can be viewed online, shared, or downloaded in pdf, excel, html, xml and csv formats

  • Monitor Travel & Expense activity from a single screen: Analysis focused on the complete T&E spend in a single view
  • Focus on Trips: Breakdown of travel spend by various metrics on each and every trip
  • Transportation: Detailed analysis of transportation by route, carrier, class, fare etc.
  • Hotel: Detailed analysis of hotel spends by chain, property, location etc.
  • Car Rental: Detailed analysis of car spends by vendor, location, vehicle type etc.
  • Expense: Breakdown of expense spends by vendor, categories, and travelers etc. - See data for statutory reporting.
  • Simplify processes: Understand your approval flows and any process bottlenecks
  • Optimize adoption: Monitor your overall usage of KDS. Understand who are your top bookers, arrangers, travelers etc.
  • Ensure duty of care with Traveler Tracking: Answer critical questions such as which employees are in a particular city etc.

Tripborn’s Custom Reporting builds on the underlying data architecture to enable travel managers and finance teams to create the reports that precisely match their needs

Easily dig into the unexpected

Tripborn knows that accountants and travel managers often need to dig into the unexpected. They need to answer questions which were unplanned and Tripborn Custom reporting gives them a tool to find the answers quickly and easily.
When you need a way to dig deeper and find the root cause of an issue or trend Tripborn Custom reporting allows you to navigate through your data to find the answers.
Once you have created a report that you need, simply save it, and setup an automatic schedule. Tripborn will send you the reports you want when you need them.