TripBorn Money Launched

Domestic money transfer service from TripBorn, TripBorn Money Launched.

Sunalpha Green Tecchnologies Pvt Ltd. ( has announced the launch of it's domestic money transfer (DMT) services for its B2B customers across India at

Sunalpha Green Tecchnologies Pvt Ltd. ( has entered in to an agreement with RBL Bank Limited to facilitate the domestic money remittance services through it's online portal. This new system through the immediate payment service (IMPS) platform, would facilitate cashless transfer of payments.

It really does not matter what part of India you stay, when it comes to transfering money or sending someone money from cash to bank acccout, the only widely used well known method is to Visit a bank during desginated business banking hours, make yourself stand in long queues to deposit and transfer the money. The TripBorn Money platform provides customers freedom of sending/transfeering money to other businesses, individuals and their loved onces 24x7 and 365 days a year through the IMPS platform. For individuals who are willing to transfer money the most convenient options now is to visit the nearest Authorised outlet.

Sachin Mandloi, Founder and director at says "In the match for India's financial services future, fintech companies have scored thrice when the traditional banks are still struggling to retrieve the ball they grazed into their own net. It's just the start of what looks like a bruising battle for traditional lenders".

Consumers from unbanked markets have mostly benefitted from the arrival of fintech companies like ours in India, and if when you consider the large number of consumers who are still unbanked in Urban and Rural markets of India, it is just an starting point. We will witness major phenomenal changes in the traditional banking system in India in coming months and years. In other word it’s like our tag line says “The Journey has begun”, and it has indeed for the transformation of Fintech market in India” added Mr. Sachin Mandloi.

"Banking will exist even if traditional banks don’t because of the progress in fintech that can altogether eliminate conventional banking. There is something new in the fintech space every day. Traditionally, it was thought to be a disruptor but now it is an innovator and enabler" Mr. Sachin Mandloi added.