Service Providers


New distribution capability with TripBorn for Airlines

TripBorn for Airlines

We are committed to build new dimensions for Airline retailing by enabling the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to travel agents, corporations, leisure and business travellers by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations, product differentiation and time-to-market, access to full and rich air content and finally, transparent shopping experience. ​​ We are an IATA member and currently assisting all the GDS airlines around the world with 150+ LCC airlines for distribution and retailing of their inventory through our state of the art AI powered distribution system.


Optimise your online distribution by selling more rooms & grow your revenue

TripBorn for Hotels

Ranked as one of the most easy-to-use tool by our 1,000+ users, our Channel Manager is recognised by hotel professionals as the most robust and most connected solution on the market. It is your best ally to maximise your online distribution. TripBorn brings you many new online sales channels. This way you can maximize your online presence, enhance your occupancy rates with controlled rate strategy without any risks of overbooking, and reach potential guests globally. Market your hotel worldwide with TripBorn's innovative technology and certified two-way integration functionality.

Bus Operators

Enable, aggregate, distribute and e-retail bus tickets to the world

TripBorn for bus operators

We are working very hard to try and build a smart and robust road transport network ecosystem in India and around the world. We are one of the most vertically integrated technology platform which provides services and solutions to bus operators to enable, aggregate, distribute, and e-retail bus tickets in India and around the world through our robust booking engine. With our easiest, powerful routes & schedule management tool backed by big data business intelligence you always stay on top of the business and control your finances from anywhere. With our booking engine you get intelligence on occupancy, profitability, revenues, routes performance & so many other insights such as price prediction, passenger booking trends, loss of Occupancy and more on your fingertips.


Maximise your bookings and keep your cabs on the road all the times

TripBorn for cab / cab fleet owners

If you are a cab service provider or a cab fleet owner and If you want to revolutionize your business as taxi/cab service provider TripBorn is here to help you. We seek to bring change to your world by helping you execute your operations by maximizing your online presence, enhance your occupancy and customers.


A channel for financial inclusion in India

TripBorn for banks / financial institutions

We are Banking Correspondents (BCs) for some of the top banks in India.We work closely with banks for providing banking services in unbanked / under-banked geographical territories within India through our extensive retail network. If you are a Bank we can help you in representing and promoting your Bank's services to Rural / Urban area's in India through our already existing retail outlets and can help the Bank to expand their business by our "Agent Banking" services.

Utility Payment

Integrated bill payment system offering interoperable and accessible bill payment service to customers through a network of agent

TripBorn For billers / insurance service providers

Insurance is normally sold primarily by career agents or captive agents that represent a single insurance company or by professional outlets who represent an array of insurance offerings. TripBorn can help insurance companies / Billers to collects premiums/biils or even sale their products directly to the customer through our extensive dealer network across India.